The Power of Secrets

Ron E. Stephens

The Power of Secrets is a non-fiction allegory portraying real biblical characters that symbolize various levels of secrecy. It is about the secrets of Jacobs family, as found in the book of Genesis. Jacobs two wives, two concubines and twelve sons all represent interesting secrets. Jacobs dysfunctional family has many secrets, which range from sexual secrets to personal secret insecurities. Secrets are complex. There are dark secrets, positive and negative secrets, highly classified secrets, family secrets, theological secrets, corporate secrets, etc. Secrets are very powerful. People all over the world seem to be inundated and obsessed with anything associated with secrecy. From the secrets of political and religious scandals to the secrets of losing weight, our minds have an insatiable appetite to know privileged and confidential information. Just telling someone that you know a secret creates curiosity and conversation. This book exposes how secrets can control your life. This book will help you understand the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The key message of this book is to understand the importance of managing your secret life. Jesus died at Calvary to take your secret stuff. Learn to get rid of the bad secrets and hold on to the good secrets.