Jane Austen : The Banker` Sister

E. J. Clery

When it was announced that Jane Austen would appear on the new GBP10 note in 2017, few were aware that a GBP10 Austen banknote already existed - issued by her favourite brother. Handsome, clever and enterprising, Henry Austen founded a bank business and charmed his way into the top rank of aristocratic society before going spectacularly bust in the financial crash of 1816. He left an enduring legacy, however, for it was Henry who supported Janes dream of becoming a published author.Literary critic and cultural historian E. J. Clery presents a radically new vision of the much-loved novelist, revealing how her works were shaped by an acute awareness of the economic scandals, crises and speculations that marked the Regency era.Jane Austen: The Bankers Sister provides a fascinating reappraisal of the political connections and economic interests of the Austen family, and an engaging exploration of the bond between brother and sister. It will change the way Jane Austens life and novels are understood.