Focal Point : Christian Views of the Everyday Life

William A Phillips

Christian views of the everyday life! Christian views of the everyday life! It is my passionate belief that if an individual spends their time operating in their memories instead of investing in their dreams, they will never have a significant or worthwhile future. If you are an individual driven by dreams then this book is for you! You are taken on a wonderful but inquisitive journey that successful dreamers and visionaries thrive upon. William uses a relevant and insightful approach to positive living that will spark the beginning of your mental exercises. He accomplished this by creating and excellent courtship between the believer, their daily challenges and the word of God. This remarkable author strategically intertwined various relevant concepts to surgically stitch together the destiny of our daily lives. From chapters one through nineteen you will find some form of your past, present and future. The messages within this book are guaranteed to enrich your life. Open your mind as William reaches into the Focal Points of his heart and impacts the Focal Points of your daily lives and situations. Professor Gary L. Lewis M. Ed President - Academy of Christian Music Education - Columbus, Ohio Minister of Music - Higher Ground Assemblies, Inc. - Columbus, Ohio Bishop Sherman Watkins, Pastor & Prelate