Extracting Meaning from Plough Soil Assemblages

Edited by Riccardo Francovich, Edited by Helen Patterson

Assessments of the Past, Strategies for the Future ( S. Alcock ). Methodology: Methods of Collection, Recording and Quantification ( D. Mattingly ) Cultural Depositional Processes andPost-depossitional Problems ( J. Taylor ) Ceramics and the Site ( Vincent Gaffney ) What Are we Counting For? ( Elizabeth Fentress ) Dating, Quantifying and Utilizing Pottery from Surface Survey ( Martin Millett ) Towards an Analysis of Incomplete Distributions ( Nicola Terrenato ) Quando i Campi Hanno Pochi Significati da Estarre ( Franco Cambi ) Prospection et Chronologie: de la quantification du temps au modele de peuplement ( Frederic Trement ) Discussion ( Martin Millett ). Ceramic Studies in Mediterranean Survey: Prehistoric Ceramic Studies ( Caroline Malone & Simon Stoddart ) Roman Ceramic Studies in Mediterranean Survey ( John W. Hayes ) Early Medieval and Medieval Ceramic Studies ( Helen Patterson ). Case Studies: Surface Survey Analysis of the Copper Age Site of La Pijotilla (Spain) ( Victor Hurtado ) On-site Surface Distributions and Geophysica: the site of Rodik-Adjovscina ( Bozidar Slapsak, Branko Music & Verena Perko ) Il Caso dellItlia Medio-tirrenica ( Andrea Zifferaro ) Ceramic Chronology and Roman Rural Settlement in the Lower Guadalquivir Valley during the Augustan Period ( Simon Keay ) Terracotta and its Territory ( Franco Cambi ) The Adriatic Islands Project ( Vincent Gaffney, Branco Kirigin, John W. Hayes & Peter Leach ) Ceramologie et Histoire du Peuplement dans la Cite de Mines ( Claude Raynaud ) Insediamento e Circolazione Ceramica fra V e X Secolo nella Toscana Centro-meridionale ( Riccardo Francovich & Marco Valenti ) Reconstructing the Classical Landscape with Figures: some interpretive explorations in North-West Keos ( Todd Whitelaw ) Demographic Trends: the Contribution of Regional Survey Data ( John Bintliff & Kostas Sbonias ) Conclusion ( Susan E. Alcock, Franco Cambi, Simon Keay & Claude Raynaud ).