Determination : A Collection of Inspirational Quotes and Quips!

Anita Waggoner

Determination is an illustrated book of my favorite inspirations, quotes and quips. Its suitable for people of all ages and is packed with wisdom, humor, advice, and provoking thoughts. The book provides inspiration and guidance to anyone pondering their present or future. Its an easy read. Anitas fictional novel Farewell to Freedom was released in December 2011. Its a story based somewhat on her own personal experiences while living in Freedom, Oklahoma. She has also written a collection of short stories and a screenplay based on the novel Farewell to Freedom. A second novel entitled Charleston Cheat will be released soon. Anita Waggoner was raised in Eastern Washington. She presently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shes a maverick and a strong, independent individual who has accomplished much using her own judgment and abilities. She has a great foundation and the ability to show the reader how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their lives. Her character and tenacity are paramount. Determination is a perfect gift for any life changing event.