Crossing Your Jordan in Faith : Stop Wading, Start Walking

Sheila L Mills

In the Old Testament, the Israelites took an intimidating, faith-filled journey across the Jordan River to move forward into the land God promised. For believers in the twenty-first century, our modern-day Jordan represents facets of our daily Christian walkobstacles, temptations, and detours that threaten to push us off course. In Crossing Your Jordan in Faith author Sheila L. Mills invites you to discover that Gods covenant promise to the Israelites as they journeyed across the Jordan is still available to us. Nothing is too hard for God, and it is only through faith in the Creator that we can reach our inherited place of promise. So get moving to the edge of your Jordan and prepare for God to move mightily on your behalf. Are you still standing there? Keeping goingyour Jordan awaits.